Accident insurance: it’s worth comparing


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Many accidents happen during leisure time. Since not all accidents go well, disability and high costs threaten in an emergency. An accident insurance secures against it. Through a provider and tariff comparison, you can find the optimal policy for yourself. Pay particular attention to the amount of the insured sum, the guarantee of a worldwide protection and a good articulated tax.

Table of Contents

  • Private and statutory accident insurance in comparison: protection even after work
  • Before the comparison: Your accident insurance should necessarily include these benefits
  • The rate of accident insurance: In comparison, only choose rates with progression
  • Accident insurance comparison: How to find the most efficient tariff
  • Conclusion

These insurance terms are emerging

insurance policy Certificate of insurance between the customer and the insurer. Here the achievements as well as rights and obligations are regulated.
insurance Premium Amount of money that the policyholder pays to the insurance company in order to obtain or maintain the agreed benefits.

Private and statutory accident insurance in comparison: protection even after work

Accidents after work: They happen more often than you think. The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (BAUA) estimates: Around 72% of all accidents occur in your own home or in your spare time. In 2014 alone, some 7.04 million Germans injured themselves in their spare time or in the home area due to an accident.

Private and statutory accident insurance: Compare the benefits

With a little luck, the damage caused by an accident can not be seen or felt after a short time – but sometimes: a deaf ear, scars or the knee, is only partially functional. The damage caused by such health impairments is not covered by the statutory accident insurance. In contrast to private accident insurance, statutory accident insurance only pays for accidents that occur during work and on the way to and from the workplace.

For this reason, it is important to be privately insured against the consequences of an accident. Especially for children who are not yet in a daycare or school, for housewives and self-employed private accident protection is extremely useful. They are not covered by the statutory accident insurance at all. Further advantages: Private accident insurance, in contrast to the law, already pays the corresponding capital benefits at lower levels of disability – either a fixed sum or a lifelong monthly accident pension. Possible benefits include:

  • Disability benefits
  • Lifelong, monthly accident pension
  • Performance in the event of death
  • Hospital day and convalescence money
  • A one-time immediate benefit after serious injury
  • Cosmetic operations
  • Accommodation in single or twin room when staying in the hospital
  • An accident assistant to support in everyday life, for example, in the organization of the household, in public authorities, in the job search
  • Hospital day and recovery money for outpatient operations


How do you best protect children with private accident insurance? Learn more in our guide: Accident insurance for children: Small people need great protection.

Before the comparison: Your accident insurance should necessarily include these benefits

A severe physical disability can lead to high costs: from the handicapped-friendly conversion of the home to the compensation of loss of income. In contrast, a private accident insurance secures. But only the comparison shows which accident insurance pays how much – and when their services are available.

High insurance sum

If you compare accident insurance with another, then the sum insured should be the biggest contributor. The usual standard of living is an important factor for the amount of the insured sum. You should therefore pay attention to a sufficiently high sum insured. Mathias Zunk, insurance expert for consumer services of the German Insurance Association (GDV), recommends insuring 5 to 6 times the annual income as a basic disability insurance sum. In addition, a progression should be agreed. With an average income of around € 42,000 a year, the sum insured should be around € 250,000. Consumer advocates recommend a minimum amount of 200,000 euros.


The experts recommend 5 to 6 times the annual income as a sum insured – at least 200,000 euros.

Worldwide protection

When comparing offers for private accident insurance , be sure to cover as much coverage as possible. Especially recommended are policies that offer worldwide protection. Thus, also accidents during stays abroad and travel are secured , for example, when the diving holiday in the Maldives ends with a tympanic membrane injury and permanent hearing loss. The statutory accident insurance covers benefits abroad only if the stay is due to work and the accident in connection with the work. This applies to business travel as well as longer-term posting to a foreign location. For example, if you work in a German law firm in Hong Kong, you will only be insured for activities that are “materially related to the employment relationship”, as in the terms of the statutory accident insurance, which means: During a sightseeing tour of the port or a walk over the night bazaars, there is no insurance coverage.

Protection around the clock

You should also pay attention to an unlimited period of coverage by the accident insurance. Comparisons also include tariffs that limit the coverage to certain times or activities. Thus, the insurer can limit the protection to accidents during leisure time, driving or those that happen during sports. The round-the-clock protection covers all accidents.

The rate of accident insurance: To compare only rates with progression choose

A more than favorable accident insurance? When comparing it often turns out that insurance rates do not keep what they promise. For example, in the case of old accident policies, the capital benefit is often insufficient for high degrees of disability. Because in the past it was common for disability and payout to be regulated on a straight-line basis. With 60 percent disability, there was (and still is) only 60 percent of the insurance benefit – far too little for the high costs that would be incurred at the onset of a severe disability.


Choose a fare with progression . This means that in the case of disability, the capital amount increases to a multiple of the agreed basic amount . With a progression of 225, you will receive 2.25 times the insured sum in case of total disability: for example, 337,500 euros instead of 150,000 euros. With progressions of 350 to 1,000 percent, the factor is correspondingly higher. Note, however, that the progression begins only after a certain degree of disability. There are also differences in the progression curve between insurers. Compare the chosen tariffs with several degrees of disability.

Limbs tax

In addition to progression, limousine tax is the most important element in assessing which accident insurance should be shortlisted after a comparison. The member tax is in principle a table that sets the loss or dysfunction of certain parts of the body in relation to disability degrees. Because it makes a difference, for example, if you lose your little finger or an eye. Depending on the rate of accident insurance that you are comparing, the details of the articulated tax may differ considerably.

Recommendation of the GDV Basic protection Comfort protection / Comfort protection Plus
Degree of disability in case of loss / dysfunction in%      
poor 70 70 75
Arm to above the elbow joint 65 65 70
Arm below the elbow joint 60 60 65
hand 55 55 60
thumb 20 20 22
index finger 10 10 12
other fingers 5 5 6
Leg over the middle of the thigh 70 70 70
Leg up to the middle of the thigh 60 60 65
Leg to below the knee 50 50 60
Leg to the middle of the lower leg 45 45 50
foot 40 40 45
big toe 5 5 5
other toe 2 2 2
Eyesight of an eye 50 50 50
Hearing in one ear 30 30 30
sense of smell 10 10 10
sense of taste 5 5 5
kidney   20 20
Loss of function of the kidneys   100 100
spleen   10 10
  • Source: Extract from the insurance conditions for accident insurance from CosmosDirekt

Convincing additional services

There are a number of other benefits that make sense for every accident insurance. For example, the rescue costs – for example when hiking in the mountains – are now covered by many accident rates. Compare the offers and look for a sum of 5,000 to 10,000 euros, so that the costs for possible search and rescue operations are included. Also, the acquisition of cosmetic surgery should be included. As a result, for example, scars can be reduced or lost teeth replaced. Also useful: a death benefit . The benefits are regulated quite differently from insurer to insurer. The comparison shows how the accident insurance, for example, evaluates the involvement of diseases in a permanent injury after an accident. If this is more than 25 percent, the statutory requirement, the service may be reduced by the insurer. With good tariffs, the limit is set higher. The deadline for finding a doctor and reporting a disability also exceeds the minimum period of 15 months for good tariffs.

Important additional services

  • rescue costs
  • Cosmetic operations
  • Less consideration of existing diseases
  • Extended time limits for medical assessment and declaration of disability
  • Death benefit


Further details on this topic can be found in the guide: What is accident insurance?

Accident insurance comparison: How to find the most efficient tariff

Whether you want to take out accident insurance for the first time or change the tariff – if you compare the offers of the corresponding accident insurance, make sure that the offers are as powerful as possible. These include

  • a high sum insured
  • a progression of at least 225 or 350
  • and a good articulated tax

On the one hand, you are already financially secure with low degrees of disability. On the other hand, you can bear all costs in the event of a serious physical impairment: handicapped-accessible modifications, a domestic help, additional nursing services.

Especially recommended is a policy that provides worldwide protection around the clock. So you are also well protected in foreign stays of all kinds. Make sure that you receive benefits early. For example, if an insurer only covers the costs from 50 percent disability, you should delete this provider from the list of potential insurers.


Your existing accident insurance no longer meets your requirements? What you need to consider in a regular and extraordinary notice, you will learn in the guide: accident insurance

Conclusion: A favorable accident insurance is often not the best in comparison

Decide on accident insurance, which also takes into account organic damage or infectious diseases. And do not reduce the sum insured to save a few euros: In case of disability immense costs come to you. Many underestimate this in advance. In addition, you should only compare offers on accident insurance that fit your leisure activities. If you are diving, riding or doing any other hobby, this should also be covered by the insurance policy.


CosmosDirekt’s accident insurance offers comprehensive insurance cover and all the cost advantages of a direct insurer. Thanks to the family-friendly tariffs , parents insure their children on particularly favorable terms.

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