Öko-Test checks almost 400 motor insurance: Save up to 900 euros

Öko-Test checks almost 400 motor insurance: Save up to 900 euros News always well informed


Thursday, 02.11.17, written by Annabell Meyer

Many drivers have around one month left to cancel their car insurance. Because on 30th November the annual period of notice ends with numerous contracts. A comprehensive comparison of eco-test shows that it is worthwhile to exchange the old car insurance for a new, cheaper. In most cases, this saves hundreds of euros a year.



Bei der Kfz-Versicherung gibt es Preisunterschiede von knapp 900 Euro

Save a lot of money with a change of car insurance

  • Öko-Test takes in a recent comparison, almost 400 tariffs for car insurance under the microscope.
  • When looking at the annual premiums of the offers shows a potential savings of several hundred euros.
  • In order to find a cheap and high-performance car insurance, willing drivers should consult an individual tariff comparison.

In a new test for motor insurance, Öko-Test in cooperation with the consulting firm NAFI GmbH has reviewed 378 rates from 67 insurers. The offers have been studied for five different types of drivers , including students, families and retirees. The comparison focused on the price of securing the car. Especially in the off-season in November, motorists sometimes have enormous savings potential if they switch from an expensive to a low-cost insurer.

In the test both the premiums for the basic protection and for the top protection were compared. In both categories, the sample customer is interested in a motor vehicle liability insurance with additional comprehensive insurance.

Changing car insurance: Families and students save the most

Overall, in the motor insurance test for all model cases, a large price range between the most expensive and the cheapest offers. This results in eco-test according to a saving potential of 500 € to just under 900 € .

Especially for families, where the money is often scarce, such savings can be worthwhile. For them there is the most favorable basic protection with AXA (“mobile on-line extra protection damage service basis”) for 736,08 euro per year. In contrast, insured pay at Signal Iduna (“Optimal”) around 810 euros more. Even bigger is the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive top protection for families. Here is the price difference almost 818 euros . The exact cost of the car insurance vary among other things depending on the type and regional class.

Not only families, but also many students often have to pay attention to every euro in order to make ends meet with their money. For them Öko-Test finds the biggest price difference in comparison. So students pay for top protection at the most expensive provider just under 865 euros more than the cheapest insurer.

The five cheapest car insurance policies with basic protection for families and students at a glance:

Familys students
AXA – Mobile online extra protection claims service basis Allsecur – Premium KaskoDirekt
Prokundo – basis with workshop service CosmosDirekt – basic protection with workshop binding
CosmosDirekt – Comfort protection with workshop binding DA Direkt – My tariff comfort
VHV – classic guarantor with workshop binding Europe – comfort saving hull
Volkswohl Bund – EasySmart comfort with workshop service AXA – Mobile online extra protection claims service basis

Service: The test shows that the providers with the cheapest bonuses can alternate depending on the model customer. Which tariff offers you not only a favorable price, but is also powerful, you learn with an individual comparison.

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Car insurance for pensioners: Senior supplement as a cost trap

For pensioners, the potential savings of about 250 euros to a maximum of 400 euros per year are lower than other motorists. However, they usually benefit from high non-indemnity discounts if they have been away from accidents for a long time or have reported no damage to their insurer.

From a certain age, senior citizens are usually charged a car insurance premium because they statistically cause more accidents as they age. In the test, an insured with 81 years at the cheapest provider pays almost 200 euros more a year for the basic protection than a 66-year-old driver.

Telematics tariffs: Despite saving potential not always the best choice

In addition to the regular motor insurance, the testers have also taken a few telematics deals under the microscope. Insured persons record their driving style and can receive discounts for particularly exemplary driving. A recent comparison of € uro on Sunday has examined the various telematics options of insurers closer and compared with comparable car insurance. It shows that the telematics option, despite the potential savings is not necessarily cheaper than a cheap car insurance without additional module.

€ uro on Sunday criticized that a large part of the insurers advertise indeed with the highest possible discount. However, insured persons usually can not reach them at all because not only the driving behavior but also external factors such as the time of the journey and the route play a role. Anyone who frequently drives to work on the highway during rush hour traffic has to accept compromises when assessing his driving performance , no matter how safe he ultimately drives. Both Öko-Test and € uro on Sunday also warn that many telematics offers are not at all clear, how exactly the possible discount based on the driving style is determined.